LAKES 5 & 6.

The Lake

Lakes 5 and 6 are 9 acres in total and are split by islands running nearly the full length of the lake. A typical gravel pit with a wide range of features to explore and some difficult to access spots where the fish love to hide away.

The depth varies from a few inches off the bars at the end of the islands to nearly 20 feet in places.


The lake is very rich in naturals and holds around 40 fish.

The Fish

The Carving is the biggest common caught in recent times and will typically be around 41 to 43 lbs.  Another original common has topped 40 pounds.

The Slopehead common which was 38lbs in 2009 was certainly in the lake for many years after its last capture in 2009, but has subsequently disappeared. It's possible it's still in there.

There are some stunning linear Carp and fully scaled mirrors to 41 lbs. The average weight per fish was around 30 lbs in 2019.

Swimming around with our amazing Carp are a small number of Bream to 14lbs, Roach to 3lbs and a few Tench caught to 11lbs!

Lake 5 image.JPG

Residents of Lake 5 & 6.