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LAKES 5 & 6.

The Lake

Lakes 5 and 6 are 9 acres in total and are split by islands running nearly the full length of the lake. A typical gravel pit with a wide range of features to explore and some difficult to access spots where the fish love to hide away.

The depth varies from a few inches off the bars at the end of the islands to nearly 20 feet in places.


The lake is very rich in naturals and holds around 60 - 65 fish.

The Fish

Woolpacks lake 5/6 is home to many famous fish, Most recently in Carpology with Oli Davies, Korda's Youtube videos with Luke Stevenson and Luke Vallory its a lake all big time anglers want to fish!

Depending on the time of the year there are approximately 12 different 40lb's, 40 different 30lb's and around 10 20lb's.

Lake 5 image.JPG

Residents of Lake 5 & 6.

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