Woolpack Syndicate Rules.


  • Membership is by invitation of the owner, but may be terminated by the owner without a refund of fees paid, if in the owner's opinion, the member's rule breaking or behaviour merit immediate expulsion from the syndicate. The owner's decision is final.
    Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year, prices are available here and are payable in advance to 'The Woolpack Fishery'.

  • There is no fixed close season. However, if several fish are grouping up to spawn or are in the process of spawning, it is probable that the lake will be shut down for fishing until spawning has finished. Any closures will be kept as short as possible consistent with ensuring the well-being of the fish, and as far as practicable will be notified to members on the news page, email and social media.

Work party

  • Each member is required to attend one work party annually. Work parties begin at 10 am and finish at 3 pm. In the event that a member fails to attend any work party for the full duration, then the member can opt to pay a £75 levy per work party, which will be used to fund fishery development or maintenance work.

  • Syndicate membership cards must be carried at all times.

  • Members and their guests use the site and lakes entirely at their own risk. The owner will not accept responsibility for any losses, damage, injuries, etc. to any equipment or members vehicles.


  • No dogs on site with the exception of the head bailiff's


  • Fishing sessions can be up to 72 continuous hours in duration. The angler can then return to the site after another 72 hours to fish again. If for example, the angler fishes a 12 hour session, then he can return 12 hours after leaving the site and so on, up to a maximum of 72 hours. By prior arrangement, an angler can fish a session of up to one week during each season. The angler can return to the site after 72 hours in the event that he has fished a session longer than 72 hours.

  • Anglers can leave their swim for up to 2 hours without having to remove their tackle but baits must be wound in during any absences from the swim. If an angler fails to return within 2 hours, his gear may be removed from the swim in order to let another angler move in.

  • Fish to where you want from your swim. However, if anybody else arrives you are only entitled to fish the area sensibly covered from your swim. The onus is on you to remove your tackle, without comment, from water covered by any other swim

  • No bait-boats

  • The islands are out of bounds on Lake 5/6. No fishing through a channel and beyond the end of an island in Lake 5/6

  • No swimming, but wading is permitted subject to a minimal level of disturbance to other anglers


Rod limit

  • The rod limit is a maximum of three rods per angler. All rods must be fished from the same swim. Please ensure that you have the necessary rod licence(s) before fishing.



  • Members may accompany a fishing guest of theirs onto the site, for sessions of up to 72 consecutive hours on a pre-booked, prepaid basis of £25 per 24 hours on lakes 7 & 8. It is the member's responsibility to ensure that their guests adhere to all the rules. The owner or any of his invited guests can fish at any time. Anglers may invite their spouse and children to accompany them. No other non-fishing guests are permitted

Tackle and Baits

  • All hooks must be micro-barbed. Barbless hooks are banned. No bent hooks, but hooks with “extended shanks” made from bent shrink tube are fine. Long curved-shank (“Nailer” type) hooks are fine; if using these then carry and use wire cutters to aid unhooking in the event that a hook has turned and “double penetrated” the fish

  • Main line - Main mono line to be of a minimum diameter of .35mm (.25mm for floater or zig-rig fishing). If braid is used, then it must be used in conjunction with tubing or leadcore to protect the fish and be at least .30mm diameter. Tench, bream or silver fish (excluding pike) may be fished for on Lake 8 with main line of 6 pounds breaking strain or higher

  • Rigs - Leads must easily discharge from rigs, or if a helicopter or chod style rig is used, the hooklink must easily slide off the tubing or leadcore in the event of a breakage. Rigs may be subject to checks by bailiffs or the owner. All particle baits must be fully cooked and not just soaked. Particles and properly prepared nuts and oily trout and/or halibut pellets can be used in moderation. Peanuts and red kidney beans should not be used at all

Predator fishing

  • Sea baits, or artificial lures only, to be used for pike fishing. Wire traces of at least 18 inches long to be used together with semi-barbless hooks of size 6 or smaller. No freelining for Pike. Always use a running or fixed lead with buzzers and drop off indicators



  • Stalking with a single rod in the same lake, away from your occupied swim is permissible, but your remaining rods must be wound in when out of your swim. When stalking always have an unhooking mat and floating retention sling, (not sack) with you. If another angler arrives to fish, you cannot claim to be occupying two swims simultaneously and must be prepared to give one up if required to do so, without having to be asked


Baiting up

  • Spodding and baiting up is permissible when it will not unduly affect the fishing of other anglers
    Markers must be removed at the end of your fishing, feature finding or baiting up session


Fish diseases

  • To help mitigate the risk of spreading disease, unless otherwise previously agreed with the angler, no landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh or retainer slings, sacks, etc. are to be brought on site. Use the equipment supplied at the fishery. No exceptions!


Fish handling

  • Best practice fish handling is expected from all anglers to ensure that while you get great photos of your hard earned captures, the fish's welfare is always paramount. Fish must be transported in landing nets from the water to the unhooking mat and returned to the water in a secure sling or mat. Fish must never be carried in your hands to or from the water. Keep fish wet during photography sessions. Use a recognised, branded wound antibiotic agent on hook holes and any other external wounds, lesions or sores. Have wetted weigh slings, zero adjusted scales, forceps, water bucket, cameras, wound dressing agent, etc. ready to use in your swim before lifting a fish from the water
    Sacking is not permitted and sacks must not be brought onto the site


The Boat

  • The boat is to be used ONLY to rescue weeded or snagged fish, once a reasonable effort has been made to land it from the bank. Use the boat rather than pulling for a break if a fish gets snagged. Oars and life jackets are located under the boat, which should be left bottom up after use. The boat is ONLY to be used if you are wearing a life jacket. There are no exceptions at all to these rules


Fish movement

  • No fish, apart from pike sea deadbaits, are to be brought onto or taken off the site, or moved between lakes or ponds on site. Anyone moving fish, without the owner's prior authorisation will be automatically banned for life



  • All captures must be accurately reported in the logbook for the relevant lake, before leaving the site at the end of your session. All carp caught must be photographed on each side and the pictures and details of weights must be sent to the owner within 6 weeks of the capture. Digital images are preferred. Some photos may be used on the website. Let me know if you would prefer your pictures not to be posted on the website



  • Litter must be removed from your swim, or anywhere near it, and taken away from the fishery, irrespective of whether it was there before you or not. Leaving any litter, (including fag-ends), anywhere on the site, will result in an automatic ban of at least one full season


Site protection

  • Do not remove or cut any reeds, trees, bushes, plants etc. Do not stand on, climb or damage any fences. Apply extreme discretion when deciding whether or not to climb any trees, for your and the tree's wellbeing. No guns, weapons or power tools to be brought onto the site without prior permission from the fishery owner. All gates must be properly closed and locked


Site closure

  • It may be necessary to temporarily close the site, or individual lakes or swims, due to flooding, algae blooms, construction work, etc. Any such closure will be notified to members at the earliest opportunity and will be of as a short a duration as practicable


Site toilet

  • A toilet is provided on site. Please respect it and leave exactly how you would like to find it!



  • Besides developing the fishing, we are working hard to enhance the quality and value of the site environmentally for the benefit of local flora and fauna. Please respect and enjoy it


Rule changes

  • It may be necessary to amend existing, or add new rules during the course of the season. All members will be notified in the event that any changes are made

If you're in any doubt about any of these rules, then please ask. It's a better option than risking a ban because you didn't ask.

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