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  • If you need to change/ amend your booking dates, we will do our best to assist, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your requested change.  Changing or amending your booking will need to be in writing at least 30 days before your booking anniversary. 

  • Cancellations will not be accepted over Phone. Please read the cancellation terms and details given below carefully :

  • Please be informed that all bookings need to be cancelled within the below cancellation timeframe in order to avoid penalties. 

 - 90 Days or more before your trip - Admin fee of £50 will be deducted from the total total refund. (ie £495 - £50 = £445 Refund)

 - 60 Days or less before your trip - Admin Fee of £50 plus 25% of total cost will be deducted from total refund. (ie £495 - £50 - £111.25 = £333.75             Refund) 

 - 45 Days of less before your trip - Admin fee of £50 plus 50% of total cost will be deducted from total refund. (ie £495 - £50 - £222.50 = £222.50               Refund)

 - 30 Days or less before your trip - Admin fee of £50 plus 75% of total cost will be deducted from total refund. (ie £495 - £50 - £333.75 = £111.25               Refund)

 - 14 Days or less before your trip - Unfortunately we cannot offer any refund. 

  • Please note that it is not possible to cancel an online reservation made on a special promotional offer. Online bookings on discounted rates for promotional offers are Non-Cancellable/ Non-Changeable and Non-Refundable.

  • A no-show will be considered a confirmed booking and the stay is guaranteed for the entire duration and any check-out before the requested departure date will be charged in full.

  • Only cancellations through email will be entertained. The Woolpack Fishery will not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made through any other medium including, but not limited to, SMS and other media; even if the request is sent before the valid cancellation timeframe expires.

  • Should the cancellation not be made accordingly, The Woolpack Fishery is not to be held responsible for eventual penalties charged to the credit/ Debit card.

  • On cancellation, the money will be credited to the same account used while making the booking. For example, if a credit card was used, the appropriate charge reversal will be made. If a debit card was used, the money will be credited back to the debit card.

  • The refund will be processed within 7 working days from the date of the cancellation request. Depending on the bank, the refund may take slightly longer to reflect in the account statement. Usually this may take about 14 working days or more for refunds to hit their respective accounts.

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