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The Lake

Lake 8 is around 7 acres stocked with over 100 carp caught up to 49.12lbs. (2022)

The lake is very rich in natural food and has a tremendous range of features including bars, gullies and plateaus with depths ranging from marginal shelves of 3 feet to deep gullies of 17 feet.

The Fish

There are a few large original carp in this lake which have grown on, largely undisturbed for many years.  There are a number of large 35lb + carp that not been caught in many years but are regularly seen around the lake!

In 2021 we recently added a few new fish to the complex to push numbers and these fish are putting on weight nicely 2022 has been a good year with the largest fish recently coming out at 49.12lb! 

Lake 8 Map.jpeg

Residents of Lake 8.

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