The Lake

Around 7 acres with a guesstimated 70 carp in the lake caught up to 41 lbs.

The lake is very rich in natural food and has a tremendous range of features including bars,

gullies and plateaus. Depths range from marginal shelves of 3 feet to deep gullies of 17 feet.

Most of the carp are low 20s, including about twenty smaller ones. Most of these carp have been moved into this lake from the other lakes on the fishery over the last few years.


The Fish

There are a few large original carp in this lake which have grown on, largely undisturbed

for many years. In all probability they have never been caught as I’ve only been able to trace

captures of two of the fish that have been seen.! Five different fish have now topped 30 pounds

and the average weight per fish caught in 2019 was 21 lbs.

Lake 8 Map.jpeg

Residents of Lake 8.