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Woolpack Syndicate Application.

Welcome to the Woolpack's online syndicate application page

Please ensure you add to your contacts list to ensure you get your confirmation email.

Please Note:
- Applications are for the year 2021
- Only one application per person, per year
- You cannot apply for friends, only for yourself


Photo ID

- Ideally we ask for a Copy of the front of your current drivers licence.
- If you do not have a Drivers licence then please send a clear image making sure the photo is correctly orientated. (Not flipped on it's side or upside down)
- That it is a face on head and shoulders shot of you only (no sunglasses)
- That it is a recent picture taken within the last few years
- Images must be either .jpeg | .jpg | .png | .gif
 Failure to follow these guidelines will render your application ineligible and you will have to re-apply

To apply for membership:
 - Read the Syndicate Conditions & Rules and make sure you are happy with these. (CLICK HERE)
 - Complete the below online application form
 - Check your application and make sure all filled in correctly.

 - Once you have read through please select the 'Submit button'.

Once you have successfully completed these steps your application will be saved and a confirmation email will be sent to you
When your application has been processed you will be notified by email.

Thank you for your interest in the Woolpack fishery

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